Avocado Seed Brew and Its Benefits

Avocado Seed Brew and Its Benefits

We all know, and it's no secret, that avocados are one of our favorite fruits. Well, who doesn't love avocados, right?

Most of us love avocados so much, and we always find a solution to help keep their shelf life last for days so that apart from having more time to enjoy them, we can also reduce food waste. So, in honor of our favorite superfood, let's talk about it. 

Facts about Avocado 

Avocados are American's favorite and one of the most nutritious foods one can easily have. 

Based on the 2019 study, The average consumption of avocados in the United States amounted to 2.6 billion pounds. And the Hass Avocado Board noted that the first four weeks of 2020 saw an uptick in avocado retail sales in the U.S. Sales grew by 1.3% yearly. 

No wonder why the U.S. market continues to set a record for avocado consumption, even during the pandemic, as consumers look for healthy and versatile options. The consumers also demand avocados, fueled by economic recovery, sustained retail sales, and increasing food service activity, which will support prices, according to Raboresearch

But do you know what Avocados are known for? 

Compared to other fruits, which primarily consist of carbohydrates, the avocado fruit is known for its unique consistency due to its high content of healthy fats and antioxidants. 

In fact, according to the 2019 survey in the United States with 2,400 grocery shopper respondents, ages 18 years and older. Their main drivers for buying avocados are as follows; The respondents comprising 74 percent revealed that they love avocados because of their health benefits, and 69 percent think it has good fats. 51 percent of the respondents also show that Avocado can be a food break or alternative to everyday foods, and it gives their family a nutritious meal.

Yes, surprisingly, there are many values that you can get in the Avocado, but most people don't know, and they keep on throwing away without having any idea that there are hidden gems in the avocado seed. If the fresh creamy Avocado itself contains all the nutrients, so does the seed. And there are ways to get the hidden value of the avocado seed, and one of those ways is to consume it in the form of an Avocado seed brew. 

So, what is Avocado seed brew?

Avocado seed brew is an antioxidant-rich beverage made from upcycled avocado seeds that reduce food waste. We extracted avocado seeds out of avocado seeds to make this nutritious drink.

It has three times as many antioxidants present in green tea. In addition, it has zero added sugar and under 15 calories per bottle. Most importantly, it is gut health. 

Every bottle contains two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar that adds a nice flavor and health benefits because of its prebiotics. It also acts as a natural preservative.

It comes in light, summery flavors like rose-mint, mango-ginger, grapefruit, and lavender. It tastes like a mix between iced tea and kombucha - it's light and refreshing - not too sour, not too sweet. 

Avocado seed brew is more than just a drink. Because it is good for the environment and better for your body.

It uses only five simple ingredients;

1. Avocado seed extract - Avocado seeds contain powerful antioxidants - and with Reveal, you get the benefits of two seeds in every bottle!  

2.Organic apple cider vinegar- Apple Cider Vinegar is an age-old recipe known to help keep your gut healthy, stabilize your blood sugar, and even suppress hunger. We use organic, unfiltered Apple Cider vinegar.  

3. Monk fruit extract - Monk fruit is a native fruit from southern China/Thailand. It is a natural zero-calorie sweetener that has been used for centuries. We use just a tad bit - to make a light, refreshing drink that keeps you coming back for more.

4. Natural flavors - like everything else in the drink, we wanted to use natural flavors instead of artificial ones.

5. Organic malic acid - Malic acid originally comes from apples, and we use it to help ensure that Reveal is safe to bottle and drink. It also adds a bit of tang that makes Reveal just delicious

So how did it all start?

"One day, while I was making a bowl of Guacamole for my class at Drexel University- I had peeled and pitted an entire case of avocados; I then realized I was left with more seeds and skin than pulp. I thought, 'If I throw this away, I'm the biggest hypocrite. I'm a food waste researcher!' We had a lovely snack, but we created so much "waste" in the process. I then started looking into what local restaurants and others were doing with avocado seeds. I learned that everyone throws them away. They don't go into commercial composters because they're too hard. I also found out that the seeds are full of antioxidants — more than half of the antioxidants in Avocado are in the seed. That was the day we decided these gems were no longer trash.  So Reveal - avocado seed brew was born".

What are the health benefits of avocado seed brew? 

Although the seed represents a considerable percentage of the whole Avocado fruit, scientific evidence shows that avocado seeds provide you with surprising benefits. 

And you can get these excellent benefits through avocado seed brew. 

1. Aids in Digestion 

Most people are hesitant or find it disgusting to discuss their bowel health, but it is quite uncomfortable when they fail to work properly (I know, right ). 

ACV has been familiar with the gut health benefits. Also, it is naturally acidic, so for people with low stomach acidity, using ACV may help raise stomach acid levels to aid digestion.

2. Boost Immune System

We all know that Avocado seeds have strong antioxidant properties. In fact, avocado seeds contain more than 50% of the antioxidants found in an avocado. 

And these antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals or neutralize them, which stimulates the immune system and keeps it safe from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections that live inside of your digestive tract. 

In 2018, researchers found that probiotics have an immune-boosting quality that effectively fights influenza-like respiratory infections and the common cold and is present in apple cider vinegar because of a mix of yeast and bacteria that work as probiotics.

So imagine if you regularly consume avocado seeds brew with ACV, making it harder for viruses and bacteria to take root in your bodies. This is essential, especially during the pandemic, as, after all, most diseases start with inflammation.

3.Prevents bloating

With the combination of fiber in Avocado pit and probiotic in ACV, which help to keep you feeling fuller for longer and  reduces cravings in between meals.

It also helps to eliminate excess toxins and waste, which improves nutrient absorption and avoids bathroom problems through boosting of metabolism and accelerating the rate at which food is broken down. Means a clean and  healthy stomach is equal to less uncomfortable bloating from just one simple ingredient.

4. Fights Free Radicals 

Yes, Avocados may be known for healthy fats but also as antioxidants. The seed and the peel contain antioxidants which are a good source of bioactive phytochemicals such as phenolic acids, tannins, and flavonoids (antioxidants similar to green tea and wine). 

They are good for your body, as they help defend your cells from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules known as free radicals.

5. Promotes heart health

Another amazing benefit of avocado seed brew. 

Some researchers found that avocado seeds, which most people ignore and just throw away, are gems because the medicinal compounds within them promote heart health.

6. Promotes healthier skin

Yes, you read it right! Not only for the body but also for the skin. Because avocado seed brew has apple cider vinegar known for its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, it can restore the proper pH levels of your skin. 

It also consists of acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, exfoliating the skin, absorbing excess oils, and unclog blocked pores.

In a nutshell,

Avocado is everyone's favorite but ignoring the seeds and is often thrown away habitually, negatively impacting the environment. 

These seeds usually end up in the garbage and will take forever to break down when putting the whole into a composting system. And with more than 360 million pounds of avocados produced in the country every year, imagine? 

That's a lot of waste!

And this added to the approximately 30 to 40 percent food supply waste annually, according to USDA

And do you know the impact of this waste on society?

  • Wholesome food that could have helped feed families in need is sent to landfills.
  • Land, water, labor, energy, and other inputs are used in producing, processing, transporting, preparing, storing, and disposing of discarded food. USDA
  • So, this Avocado seed brew was created. A sustainable product that is good for your body and for the environment with a mission to create a more sustainable way of eating by using food waste.

    And after learning that these avocado seeds are full of antioxidants, fiber, and other health benefits, I trust you will start saving the seeds you used to toss in the trash. 

    And on your next visit to the  Go Puff, Riverwards produce, Weaver's Way Coop, Di Bruno Bros, Kimberton Wholefoods, and Wholefoods Market. Don't forget to add a bottle of Reveal-avocado seed brew and a bag of avocados to your cart and add them to your daily meal. 

    "Healthy body - happy community - Clean ecosystem"


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