Eco-Sapiens Community

Ecosapiens - creating a more sustainable and equitable future together. With Reveal and Ribbon Roads
What is an Eco-Sapien?
An eco-sapien is a human who makes little actions everyday to create a more sustainable, equitable and joyful world. 
The Eco-Sapien Discovery letter is a collaboration between Sheetal & Zuri at Reveal & Haylee at Ribbon Roads to create a community of resources to help each other on our journey towards a better world.
-Why become Eco-sapien?
Every moment holds the ingredients to be a positive experience, and we want to use every opportunity to make the world a better, more sustainable place.
Join us as we work to discover a new definition of sustainability and create a community of those who love the idea of making the world better- together.
When you join our community of Eco-sapiens:
Receive weekly discovery letters filled with ways to learn, discover, support, move, watch, listen and self care. We love plugging amazing folks in our local community & small businesses with big values. 
Imagine not having feel like a detective every time you look for new products, life hacks or events. We are just dying to share all the goodness we have discovered on our own journeys to building a sustainable life.
AND we would love to here what you are vibing with too!
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