About us

Hidden Gems is a beverage company that is creating a more sustainable food system by finding creative ways to use the parts of food we commonly throw away. Our mission is to create beautiful, environmentally safe, and socially responsible upcycled products by discovering the hidden value in the food people would normally call trash. Our hope is to reduce food waste, continue to create and support sustainable systems for sustainable living, and inspire everyone to discover the hidden gems in the world around us. 

HOW it happened

One day while making a bowl of guacamole in the kitchen we realized I was left with more seeds and skin than pulp. I had a lovely snack but created so much “waste” in the process. That was the day I decided these gems were no longer trash.  Reveal is our first line of beverages made from upcycled products and we are happy to reveal our first drink is a special brew made from the avocado seed!

WHY we do it

Our team is focused on utilizing our resources to the best of our ability to truly promote an upcycling system and emphasize the RE-USE, in the 3 R’s of sustainability (reduce reuse recycle). We want to capture every drop of value before we declare something is no longer useful. Everyone can be a part of this movement because all it takes is one question, What else?  We want people to know they have the power to effect change. Every daily choice we make compounds, meaning no good deed is too small. Sometimes the answer to “what else” isn’t simple, but that’s okay. Discovery by nature is unexpected and hidden, so  be curious and get comfortable with thinking differently!


Sheetal Bahirat


Sheetal Bahirat
​Founder & Chief Executive Officer
​M.S. Culinary Art & Science

“I am an entrepreneur, a yogi, a learner, a student, a foodie, a dreamer and a lover of art! I care about being a part of the sustainable community and part of the conversation on how to reutilize our resources. Everyday I am making conscious decisions to live a more sustainable lifestyle. What I love about Reveal is the ability to work on that on a large scale. I hate throwing things away, it’s not in me to say something has zero value. It’s not a part of who I am.”

- Sheetal Bahirat